Google Places Update!

Google Places
There have been big modifications in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) with the recent rollout of an integration of Google Places with Organic search rankings. Most people will have been familiar with the Google map that appeared for some searches particularly when you added a geograpicial qualifier to the search – e.g. “Van Rental[…..]

Is Social Media Marketing A Waste Of Time?

Building A Brand Social Media Marketing
It seems you can’t go to any business conference these days without someone mentioning the importance of social media networks like Facebook, Linked in, You Tube and of course twitter.  I’m sure you’ve also heard all of the buzz surrounding the benefits of blogging and if you haven’t already started, I’d hazzard a guess that[…..]

5 Tips for Successfully Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage
  There are many ways to help and improve your digital marketing performance. Most people consider search engine marketing, content marketing, social media and even improvements to their website. However, there is one thing that many people often don’t think to consider but can really help in your marketing efforts. How do you stack up[…..]

15 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

Face Book Pages
Developing a Facebook fan page from scratch might not appear that difficult. The actual page setup isn’t, however the process where you actually have to get people to care about and “Like” your page, well thats considerably more challenging. Below are 15 tried and tested techniques that will help you to increase your Facebook fan[…..]

Growing your business with inbound marketing

Content Marketing Inbound Marketing Knowing Your Buyer
Conor Douglas, Hubspot’s International Channel Manger joined the WSI Digital Summit in November 2014 Cto talk about Growing your business with inbound marketing. This post is based on his presentation. So let’s start with what is inbound marketing? Conor explained. Historically, marketers used to ‘shout’ about their products and services to get noticed, but the[…..]

6 Key Parts of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing
Today’s digital marketplace is becoming more and more crowded and it’s increasingly difficult to stand out amongst your competitors. There is so much to choose from when it comes to online options, so how do you know which place is best for your marketing budget?   The answer sounds simple, but many people don’t have[…..]

Do I need a Mobile Site or Responsive Site?

Do I need a mobile site, a responsive site? This is a question that many clients have recently asked us. The short answer is yes you do! With on average 50% of Irish/UK searches being carried out via mobile devices ,  paying close attention to the user experience and the mobile site accessibility is ever[…..]

Google Plus for your B2B Marketing Strategy

If you’re running a B2B business, you’ve probably noticed that most social media networks aren’t as effective at getting to your target audience as say the likes of LINKEDIN? More often than not,  businesses use  popular social networks out there as a means of building a brand awareness. Although this can be very useful for[…..]

Short Term Digital Marketing Strategies

Short Term Digital Marketing Strategies can reap immediate rewards     A typical new client may request a strategic web audit &  review, brand realignment,  training workshops, redesign of their website,a  traffic generation plan, a conversion plan and a programme of continuous improvement all of which may take a few weeks if not months to[…..]

The 3 Building Blocks of Online Branding

From a marketing point of view, you may think of your unique branding as a visual “billboard” which is meant to convey the mission of your company. Maybe you are hoping that this brand “billboard” will even entice your visitors to request more information? Its true that while lead generation and client engagement are both[…..]