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Lead Generation

Want to generate more leads for your business?

Every year companies are allocating more and more of their marketing budget to digital marketing. When digital marketing strategies aren’t focused the budget can easily drain away without companies getting a return on investment. But when digital marketing strategies are researched and documented correctly they can deliver ROI that will increase year on year. In this post we are going to look at one of the key features of digital marketing, lead generation.

Lead generation ideas should be tailored to your business goals and objectives. For example, if you are a B2B manufacturing company you will have different goals than a B2C e-commerce sore. Always choose the solution that will be most relevant for your business and that will suit your target audience best. You will need to continually test these options as a means of ensuring that they continue to perform as the right lead generation channels for your business.


1. Lead Generation Forms


Lead Generation
Developing lead generation forms is one of the most common ways to generate leads through your website. You can either use static or pop up forms to collect email addresses, phone numbers and other information. Different forms can be used depending on where your prospects are located on your website. For your blog or news page you can use a “subscribe to our newsletter” form. Or for your service page use a “call back” or “contact form”.

2. Blogging


Does your business have a blog? A blog helps to drive organic search traffic to your website. It can showcase your business as thought leaders in your industry sector or market niche. Ultimately a blog helps generate new sales leads. Therefore rather than thinking of your blog as static content, think about integrating calls to action into your blog content. By relating your content to your products and services you can help lead prospects into your contact or lead generation pages.

3. Live Chat

Live chat functionality is now freely available for most content management systems. Once installed live chat can be used as a fast and easy tool for lead generation. Prospects are given the opportunity to talk with one of your sales representatives. They can ask questions about your products or services at the click of a button. This engagement allows you to bring them into the sales process and creates a touch point for future business engagement. Companies such as Live Chat Inc and Velaro offer the software required to install live chat functionality on your website.

4. Resource Areas

lead generation2

Moz have built a remarkable reputation for themselves by positioning their company as “SEO thought leaders”. This reputation has helped to fuel new sign ups to their inbound marketing software and has been a major factor in their company’s success. Resource areas can help to build authority for your brand and help in the lead generation process by instilling consumer confidence in your company. This will lead to more sales over time.

5. Webinars


lead generation3

A webinar is a live (and also recorded) presentation that is conducted online with several participants. Webinars are a useful way to present your products or services to multiple prospects in different locations simultaneously via an interactive environment. Prospects can ask questions and interact with your company while getting a full demonstration of what you are offering. Hosting webinars can help with lead nurturing and generation as you engage with prospects in a real-time situation.Many trainers, coaches and consultants now use webinars as a lead generation tool because of their ability to message one to many and extend market reach.

6. Downloadable White Papers

lead generation4

Hubspot are renowned for their content marketing expertise and white papers. Their white papers are of executive standards but in order to download them you need to fill in your name and email address. The information you provide gives Hubspot the opportunity to hook you into their sales funnel. This technique can be applied to your own business. If you have written a white paper you can use it as a lead generation tool by asking for a contact name and details in return for the document.

7. Email Marketing

lead generation5

Email marketing is the most proven method of lead generation. By using platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact or CampaignMonitor you can reach out to your prospects on a regular basis. We recommend segmenting your email list into current customers and prospects. This will allow you to tailor special offers and deals exclusively to prospects with the aim of turning them into qualified customers.

8. Facebook Ads

lead generation6

Facebook advertising has gone through a renaissance of late. With detailed targeting and affordable costs it makes for a viable lead generation option. Facebook offers a variety of advertising choices including; directing prospects to your website’s lead generation page or by using special discounts or offers within Facebook itself. Before you rush off to create an advert think about your target audience and whether they are actively engaging and using Facebook.

9. Remarketing Campaigns

lead generation7

When a prospect visits your website but leaves without buying something is it a lost lead? Not when you use remarketing option within Google adwords. Remarketing allows you to display a Google paid advert for your products or services to prospects after they have left your website. Remarketing campaigns help to bring “lost prospects” back into the sales funnel. You can tailor your re-marketing campaigns specifically for this demographic by including special offers and discounts when they return to your site through the display ad.

10. LinkedIn Ads

lead generation8

LinkedIn advertising can be used to promote your content or link prospects back to your website. The options you choose will depend on your advertising goals. LinkedIn display ads are useful for directing prospects to your website for lead generation. Sponsored InMails are an ideal way of boosting conversions through targeted product and service promotions. LinkedIn ads are suited to B2B marketing goals. Remember to think about your target audience and whether the platform suits their demographic before you set up your advertising campaign. Lead generation is just one aspect of digital marketing. By doing your ground work initially you will be able to choose the right lead generation tool for your business.


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