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If you’re running a B2B business, you’ve probably noticed that most social media networks aren’t as effective at getting to your target audience as say the likes of LINKEDIN?

More often than not,  businesses use  popular social networks out there as a means of building a brand awareness.

Although this can be very useful for a company that is trying to make a name for themselves, it doesn’t really work as well for those trying to establish a line of communication between businesses.

The Google Plus for your B2B Marketing strategy infographic below  will help us explain some options that cater more for B2B prospecting.

Google Plus B2B Marketing Strategy

Google Plus B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B Communication


For B2B commnication there are only a few notable services that really stand out in the world of social media.. LinkedIN and Google+ although the latter is perhaps the most overlooked.
Believe it or not, a lot of companies are starting to use Google Plus to communicate with other businesses. Why are they making this move? Because Google provides its users with several useful tools that make communicating and collaborating with other members easier than it would have otherwise have been on any other network.
Whilst you might be able to send a direct message to someone on Twitter…  Google Hangouts allows you togo one better and create a live video chat meeting without the need of another program like Skype. You might be able to share files or images through Facebook, but Google Drive allows you to actively edit files and work together on multiple projects all at once.
Google Plus for your B2B Marketing Strategy

No matter how you choose to look at it, the truth is that Google Plus is something that every business should be taking advantage of. By allowing you to extend your normal conversations beyond the boundaries of other social networks, Google+ has taken the next step in social media, giving you the power to reach out to other businesses with ease.
If you have yet to establish your brand on Google Plus, the helpful infographic guide above will show you how to create an account and become an influential member of the community. As a well known and respected member of Google+, you’ll become more visible across the internet and improve your B2B relationships in no time.
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