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You will learn how to :-

  • Create ideas that you can develop over time
  • Research subject matter before writing
  • Build up a clear picture of your target audience
  • Formulate a content schedule and stick to it
  • Perform regular quality blogging in order to increase website traffic

Every content writer has faced the same problem many times in the past. You sit down Ideas for Your Blogat your keyboard and attempt to create your next big engaging blog post only to realise that you are completely out of ideas. It happens to the best of bloggers. However one thing for sure is that– any company competing for business online needs to be regularly publishing engaging and unique content that will add real value to their clients and prospects. Google is driving the need for all web content to be high quality. It is critical that any blog post you create does not contain keyword spamming nor duplicate content. All blog posts also need to properly researched and not just thrown up without any forethought.

Fail To Prepare – Prepare To Fail

Before you start any new blog post research the subject area . Very few bloggers are experts on every topic they write about. Therefore conducting even a relatively small amount of research will give you a much better overview of the subject matter. You can then link to and reference some of these ‘authoritative’ online sources in your post which were discovered during this research phase. This is not only a great way to increase the quality of your blog content, it also will help you generate ideas for future blog posts.

Write for a Specific Audience

One of the best ways to generate new ideas for your blog is to target the content at a specific target audience. If you can establish what interests your target market, you will be able to create engaging, relevant and useful content ideas more easily. In marketing terminology building a customer profile of a typical customer is usually referred to as creating a buying persona. If you keep this ‘buying persona’ in mind when you are researching and writing your blog posts it will produce much better results.

Generate Ideas

how to generate ideas for you blog1

If you are still wondering about how to generate those great ideas, or indeed how to actually write a blog post, don’t worry! You are not alone, as this autocomplete screen grab from Google search highlights.

If you have conducted some upfront research around the general subject matter and have a good understanding of your target audience then you can start generating specific topics to write about. These are some ideas for creating blog posts:


  • Industry specific news/information
  • Recent Legislation
  • Published surveys relevant to your sector
  • Company achievements
  • FAQ’s received from clients
  • Trending industry topics
  • Explain a product or service you provide in more detail
  • Establish a series of blog posts on one subject/issue
  • Client Case studies / testimonials


These are just some suggestions that you can use to develop blog content to keep track of all your ideas, and to ensure that you are regularly posting content, we would advise that you create a timetable for the scheduled delivery of content.


Blogging Benefits

Ideas for Your Blog

The time and resources that you spend on creating quality blog content is worth it. It has been shown to increase a whole variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). A recent survey by HubSpot found that the average business that blogs experiences:

compared to companies that don’t blog. The simple fact is that establishing an effective blog benefits your business. There are many other advantages of blogging:

  • Build online authority ‘though leadership’ in your sector
  • Direct communication with clients
  • Lead generation
  • Promote your products and services

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