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Short Term Digital Marketing Strategies can reap immediate rewards



A typical new client may request a strategic web audit &  review, brand realignment,  training workshops, redesign of their website,a  traffic generation plan, a conversion plan and a programme of 2-16-2015 11-13-17 AMcontinuous improvement all of which may take a few weeks if not months to implement. But what can we do in a very short term that will maximium effect on  increasing your lead generation and conversion ratios?  While we develop a new strategy for your online marketing what are the quick wins that can be looked at?

What ‘low hanging fruit’  can be addressed?
The list below will give you some idea what can be addressed right away to have an immediate impact on lead generation/conversion ratios.

  1. Homepage – added a cleaner call to action
  2. Contact us – shorten the form
  3. Download – added  a tips sheet and a questionnaire sheet to send to the client for assessment
  4. Email marketing to the leads list
  5. Started to connect with the leads on twitter, facebook
  6. Started connecting with targeted professionals on linkedin
  7. Prepare a short sale sheet with key messages for the internal sales team
  8. Examine the leads database to see the bottlenecks, points of departure in the buying process
  9. Examine analytics to reveal barriers encountered along the customer journey path.
  10. Look at adwords to optimise the campaign for leads.


Within a few weeks, activities like those outlined above will typically deliver the following benefits

  • Double your number of leads,
  • A more positive range of conversations and interactions because the enquiries seem to be better informed on the products and services
  • Increased level of confidence in sales staff approach to selling.
  • More sales, through reactivation of what were previously considered dead leads


The bigger task of developing a more long term sustainable lead generation programme still needs to be carried out but  there are always short term quick wins that can be addressed and have an immediate impact on the bottom line of your business starting today.

Please Note: short term marketing activities can just be that, short term. We encourage all of our clients to focus on the long term by using sustainable tactics to develop a long term advantage in the marketplace.

For more information on short term digital marketing strategies, contact us. We’d be happy to talk you through your options.

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