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Sourcing Images for Your Website. Marketers have known for a long time that images play a key role in getting user engagement. In fact, articles that contain images have 94% more total views on average than articles without. Knowing this fact is one thing but sourcing the images and ensuring that they are high quality, engaging and relevant is another. This blog post will help you overcome the challenges of sourcing images by showcasing a number of options where you can download and design images that are suitable for your website or blog.

Publishing Images on the Web from External Sources

No matter where you find an image on the web if it has copyright stamped across it, don’t use it! Stick to sourcing image from websites that are signed up to the creative commons agreement or sites that are licensed to give away or sell the images. This post provides information on both types. If you are using images from another website that aren’t copy written the best practise is to link to the website or page where you sources the image.



Style Guide

Before you start looking for images, write a style guide. A style guide is a document that outlines what types of images suits your brand best. The style guide can contain information on:

  • Colour preferences
  • Font and typeface preferences
  • Images that shouldn’t be used
  • Image styles – graphic, realistic etc.

Once you’ve got your style guide the next step is to start sourcing images.

Paid Stock Photography

Sourcing Images for Your Website


Stock photography offers you instant access to thousands of royalty free images. You can use stock photographs for blogs or in conjunction with sites like Canva where you can tailor the image with graphics or text. The cost of photographs will vary depending on the size and resolution on the image you require. Remember – for web you won’t require the highest resolution available.

Here is a list of paid stock photography sites that we recommend:







Free Stock Photography

Sourcing Images for Your Website


The quality of images available in free stock photography websites has improved dramatically over the years. You may need to spend longer looking for the right image but as it is free, that’s a fair compromise.

The websites that we recommend for free stock photography are:

Death to the stock photo

Free Digital Photos


IM Creator

Flickr Creative Commons (note: Flickr isn’t a stock photography website but a photo sharing platform. Users provide images for free through the Creative Commons license)

Showcasing Your Website, Products or Software


Placeit is a platform that displays your website or application in “real life” settings. You can choose multiple devices to display your images – mobile, tablet or desktop. The platform is simple and easy to use. Just upload a URL or image and the download the result for your website, blog or promotional material.


Graphic Design or BlogSourcing Images for Your Website


Canva is a new platform that has become an instant favourite amongst bloggers and web design apprentices. The platform combines graphic design and photo editing software.


Sourcing Images for Your Website

Canva is easy to use and allows you to design creative images for your website or blog. There are thousands of templates to choose from. Each template has high quality images and a wide variety of fonts. You can sign up to Canva for free but some of the images require a nominal payment.


Custom Graphic Design


If you want the images on your website or blog to be truly unique you can hire the services of a graphic designer. A graphic designer will be able to scope your designs using your style guide. You will have creative control in this process and the end result will be unique to your website. While this approach might not be realistic for your blog posts it can significantly improve the design of your static website landing pages. Need help creating images or graphics for your website or blog? Contact one of our team  members by phone on (071) 931 1510, or email us at