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Preferred Craftsman of Nature Feelystone

When Patrick J. Feely died in 1935 he was recorded as the seventh generation of stonecutter in his family. In 1858 the Feely stone quarry was at Greatmeadow, Boyle. This quarry was used up to the early 1900′s when they moved to their present site. During the years the Feely craftsmen worked on such historic buildings as Ballaghaderreen Cathedral and Kilronan Castle. From 1901 to 1970 the company worked mainly making headstones. Most of this work was done by hand. Mechanisation began in the late sixties and moved swiftly through the seventies and beyond. In 1975 the company borrowed money, for the first time, to buy a limestone quarry in Kilkenny. Today the company in Boyle, run by Finbarr Feely, produces monuments, kitchen counters and medium sized building projects.

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